Feed automation for a pig barn in the United Kingdom
A pig barn in the United Kingdom has been fully automated to allow feed testing at the sty level. The barn has 24 feed silos and the feed is mixed and distributed to the various sties by two feed weighers. The switchpanel has two integrated ORION-DF computers, which control the feed system. The climate of each section is controlled by a CYGNUS-V regulator. The climate and feed computers are all... Read more +
Breeder barn in Poland
At the beginning of June, our Polish dealer delivered a new breeder barn in Poland. The breeder barn is 150 metres long and 32 metres wide. The barn contains two rows of laying nests and the incubating eggs are collected in the middle. Automation with the ORION-PP The entire barn is controlled by the ORION-PP using special software, which supplies the desired portions of feed to the various... Read more +
Broiler Breeders in the southwest of England
In Devon, in the southwest of England, our dealer Draper Ventilation has delivered a new breeding farm for broilers. The farm consists of four barns, each measuring 115.8 metres by 13.7 metres and containing 9,000 hens and 900 cocks. Hotraco Agri designed the switch panel and delivered the ventilation chimneys which control the climate in these barns. Switch panel with Fortica The switch panel... Read more +
Modern boar barn in Vietnam
At the end of 2015, a new boar barn was built in Vietnam. The new barn is one of the most modern barns in South East Asia. Hotraco Agri worked with VDL Agrotech to design the climate and feed control systems. Climate system controlled by ORION-VS A cooling installation ensures that the temperature inside the barn remains at approximately 20 °C. The capacity of the cooling installation is... Read more +
Fortica successfully applied in Swedish free range chicken farm
The Swedish brothers Christer Berghem and Martin Andersson and their families started to raise Free Range chickens during the autumn of 2015. The Stora Lund farm has been in their family since the brother’s grandfather and father bought it back in the nineteen fifties. They used to produce pigs, but they stopped doing so about ten years ago because of the economic situation. This is when they... Read more +
Flemish laying hen keepers Roel van Dun (38), his sister Inge (41) and her husband Tom Brokken (41) will soon be able to mill and mix their own feed at their laying hen company in Merksplas near Turnhout in Belgium. "By mixing wheat, dried corn and barley ourselves we are able to reduce our feed costs", Van Dun explains. On Friday, 28 August they had an open day and visitors were able to take a... Read more +
Broilerhouse in Québec, Canada
In August 2014, dealer CFM Système from Québec, Canada commissioned a new broiler house. It is a stable of 400 x 64 ft in total which houses 36,000 animals. All processes are controlled by the Orion-PB computer for broilers which is integrated in a control cabinet. Recirculation The stall is provided with 12 chimneys which are devided over the length of the ridge. The chimneys are all equipped... Read more +
In 2013 Cor and Jannes van Limpt put their new pighouse for finishers into operation. The climate is controlled on the basis of pressure and temperature measurement. Smart Flow The finisher pighouse of Family Van Limpt is equipped with the new ventilation system SmartFlow. The ventilation system uses a new measuring method that enables ventilation to be regulated more precisely than ever, even... Read more +


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