Opening of Poultry Innovation Lab

Opening of Poultry innovation Lab

Hotraco Agri took part in the development of a project that is unique in the Netherlands, the Poultry Innovation Lab. The project was initiated by the Poultry Expertise Centre and was carried out in collaboration with the business sector, the education sector and the government. The lab provides a practical learning environment for students and professionals alike. A practical study is taking place into the configuration of stables, climate control, food safety and sustainability. During the course of the study, the focus will lie upon innovative livestock housing concepts.

Hotraco Agri designed the control system for the broiler house. Processes such as ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and feeding have been automated and are controlled using a switchpanel with a built-in FORTICA-PBC. The FORTICA-PBC has been specially developed for broiler houses incorporating a colony system. The opening of the Poultry Innovation Lab took place on 14 October 2016 and it goes without saying that Hotraco Agri was also in attendance.

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