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Climate control & ventilation

Improve growth with an optimum barn climate

It is important that your animals' living environment has the right temperature and relative humidity so they feel comfortable. An optimum barn climate improves the growth and health of your animals. With our advanced automation systems, we can help you achieve the right climate for your animals. A good climate really makes the difference!

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The desired barn climate completely under control

Having the right measuring instruments in the barn is crucial for creating the right climate. Our systems perfectly balance ventilation, heating and cooling. This is done on the basis of temperature, relative humidity and negative pressure in your barn. When configuring the right climate, we can also take into account the age and weight of your animals. The CO2 and NH3 levels in your barn can also be measured, and the wind direction and speed are factored in.

Perfect barn climate for every possible ventilation approach

Whatever type of ventilation or outdoor climate your poultry house has, our system always ensures a perfect barn climate. Whether you use lengthwise ventilation, combi ventilation, tunnel ventilation or any combination. Any ventilation approach works fine. Our system has different settings for all types of poultry houses, which guarantees perfect air distribution in your barn.

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FreeFlow® ventilation

Do you want to avoid wet litter and strong airflow at the pop holes? FreeFlow® is the ideal ventilation system for free range poultry houses. It ensures optimum air distribution in the barn, even when the pop holes are open. FreeFlow® works on the basis of positive pressure ventilation in the barn when the pop holes are open. If local environmental requirements do not allow more than one emission point, this ventilation system can also be used on the basis of equal pressure.

Energy Saving Mode icon website

Energy Saving Mode

With the Energy Saving Mode, we provides an extremely efficient control software for variable speed fans. One of the major advantages is the ability to reduce the power consumption (kWh) by automatically adjusting the speed of the fans, maintaining optimal performance while minimizing energy cost. This extra module is available for all Hotraco poultry controllers independent from the type or brand of the variable speed fan.
The Energy Saving Mode is particularly interesting in climates with a high ventilation demand. The ventilation concepts in these areas often make use of a large amount of bigger fans with relatively high power consumption. This module allows to run such fans at lower speeds resulting in significant energy saving.

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Benefits of good climate control

With a good climate control system in place, extreme weather conditions and sharp fluctuations in temperatures during the day and at night will have virtually no impact on your barn's climate. This ensures a pleasant living environment for your animals, better growth and health of your animals, plus a pleasant working environment.

Better growth
Perfect air distribution in the barn
Higher animal welfare
Uniformity of the flock
Lower mortality
Pleasant living and working environment

Explore our poultry projects


Fortica successfully applied in Swedish free range chicken farm

The Swedish brothers Christer Berghem and Martin Andersson and their families started to raise Free Range chickens during the autumn of 2015. The Stora Lund farm has been in their family since the brother’s grandfather and father bought it back in the nineteen fifties. They used to produce pigs, but they stopped doing so about ten years ago because of the economic situation. This is when they decided to devote their time to arable farming and started to grow potatoes and wheat. They went to a meeting on organic farming last spring at which they were introduced to the idea of holding free range chickens. As they still had the old pig houses they decided to give this a go as the idea behind the concept was based on using existing buildings.

Netherlands15 Two new modern broiler houses

Two new modern broiler houses

The official opening of two brand new broiler houses for the Boerma family was held on 21 July 2017. They are being used to house 46,000 slower-growing broiler chickens. These modern barns are provided with the latest layout and systems. Some features of the barn include daylight provision in the side facade with automatic black out curtain, pop holes in the side facade, and heat exchangers for each barn. Hotraco Agri designed switch panels with the Fortica® system to control all processes in the broiler houses, from climate control, ventilation and lighting to feed and water control. The heat exchanger is also completely integrated into the Fortica® system. The Fortica® touchscreen gives you quick, clear insight into every process, and making changes has never been easier. The Boerma family ran the first cycle in the new barn in May.

China4 30 broiler houses in China

30 broiler houses in China

A large project in China was recently finished for 5 farms with 6 broiler houses each. Each barn houses 55,680 broiler chickens (to max 2.5 kg). The barn was designed with a cage batteries in 5 rows with 4 levels. Hotraco Agri designed switch panels with the Fortica® system to control all processes in the broiler houses from climate control, ventilation, lighting, animal weighing and feed and water control to manure removal. Poultry farmers can view and adjust these processes quickly and easily with the Fortica system’s user-friendly touch screen. This farm is also provided with the Fortlink®, which enables a secure connection with a PC, tablet or smartphone. The Fortlink® collects data from all the connected barns, displays it on a screen and forwards it to a connected PC or to the Fortica app via the internet. The user-friendly Fortica app enables poultry farmers to read off and control the Fortica system remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Netherlands1 Broiler farmer upgrades from Orion to Fortica system

Broiler farmer upgrades from Orion® to Fortica® system

This year broiler farmer Ramon Harmes of Klazienaveen in the province of Drenthe (NL) has upgraded from the ORION® system to the new touch screen Fortica® system. The broiler house systems were installed by poultry house automation specialist Kosse Staltechnieken, which the Harmes family has relied on for the past 25 years. The Harmes had four broiler houses, but they recently razed two to make room for two brand ones with the innovative new Fortica® system. The other two barns are still in use and have been converted to Fortica®. Two additional large broiler houses are currently being built. In total, the agricultural enterprise will have space to house 248,500 broilers, with the day-old chicks being held 6 to 8 weeks. The goal is transformation into a sustainable poultry farm. In keeping with this plan, electricity is generated by solar panels and the barns will be heated with energy produced by burning manure.

England1 Layer Farm in the UK

Layer Farm in the UK

Last month the Sally layer farm in the UK opened his doors. The Campus at Sally Farm will be a place of learning for degree students and apprentices. With 4 identical 16.000 bird poultry houses on each development, it will be a venue for research on a commercial scale where comparative controlled trials can be performed. All houses are equipped with the innovative Fortica® system and the new MiteAlert. Fortica® provides poultry farmers with important information about the performance of their animals, such as an insight into the laying percentage and the number of eggs. With the MiteAlert® the farm manager can get and keep track of the size and development of a red mite population in the house, and determine a treatment moment on that basis. This Farm will be a facility for the UK poultry industry, a template for modern egg production and is the future of high poultry welfare.