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Fortica® automation system

The all-in-one system

The Fortica® is an extremely user-friendly and universal poultry automation system that gives you total control over all the house processes. This all-in-one system is suitable for all types of broilers, layers, breeders and pullets. It regulates, controls and monitors all your house processes, such as climate, feed, water, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting. The full touchscreen operation makes this system extremely user friendly and clear. The Fortica® system can also be linked to a remote app and an innovative Farm Management program.

Discover the advantages

All-in-one system
Easy to use
Remote control
Customisable dashboard

Touchscreen operation

A revolutionary development is the fully intuitive touchscreen control that can be customised to match the user's preferences. This is similar to the changes one can make to the interface of a smartphone or tablet. A 3D overview of the barn can be produced using clear symbols. All text is configurable, and the computer can be configured for any preferred language. It supports both the metric and imperial units of measurement.

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Remote control

The SyslinQ Remote App allows you to remotely control the Fortica® system with a smartphone or tablet. You can view and change all the controls remotely, 24/7. This gives you insight into all the poultry house processes, anywhere, anytime, as well as the ability to adjust the controls. These include your systems for climate control, feed and animal weighing, for example. The app's screen layout is exactly the same as that on your touchscreen computer. This makes the SyslinQ Remote App very user-friendly and gives you total control over all your house processes from the palm of your hand.

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Fortus Farm Management

Fortus Farm Management is part of the Fortica® system and visualises all relevant house data graphically and clearly in charts and diagrams on your PC. With the Fortus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, for all the houses.

Discover Fortus Farm Management

Find out which system fits your poultry farm

Dedicated Fortica software has been developed for each poultry and housing type.

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Fortica-PB: for broilers, turkeys and ducks

The Fortica-PB has been specially developed for poultry houses with broilers, turkeys or ducks in a floor housing system or cage housing system. In the first few days, broiler chicks need a comfortable and warm environment with minimal ventilation. As the chicks grow, the living environment must change and the animals will require more cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. All facets are perfectly attuned to each other: climate, feed, water, lighting and animal weighing.

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Fortica-PS: for layers and rearing in Free-Range Houses

The Fortica-PS has been specially developed for poultry barns with laying hens or rearing hens in free-range and aviary keeping. The Fortica-PS can control the egg counting. In free-range and aviary keeping, it is very important that the laying hens should be back in the systems on time. These barns are also often provided with an outdoor area and covered winter garden. All facets are perfectly attuned to each other: climate, feed, water, lighting, egg counting, animal weighing, nest control, pop hole doors and winter garden.

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Fortica-PP: for breeders and rearing

The Fortica-PS has been specially developed for poultry barns with breeders and rear breeders. The Fortica-PP is provided with a special feed hopper arrangement. With this control, you can do more than just ration the feed; the system can also control the amount of feed and feed composition for cocks and hens separately. All facets are perfectly attuned to each other: climate, feed, water, lighting, egg counting, nest control and animal weighing.

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