Belgian family Baudoin opens modern organic poultry house in Wallonia1

Belgian family opens modern organic poultry house in Wallonia

Modern organic poultry house

In the Walloon town of Beauraing, near the border with France, the Baudoin family has started an organic poultry farm. This modern poultry barn houses 9,000 organic laying hens, completely in accordance with the latest insights and the strict rules applied in Wallonia. Regular Hotraco dealer Wouters/Vencotec set up the poultry house and took care of the electrical installation.

Belgian family Baudoin opens modern organic poultry house in Wallonia5

Poultry house equipped with the latest technology

Cutting-edge technology is used in the house. For instance, the poultry house has been equipped, among other things, with a Vencomatic aviary system, Hotraco automation, manure aeration, daylight windows and the latest in lighting systems. The lighting in the house can change to red, which prevents injurious pecking. In addition, there is free range to the outside and there are solar panels on the roof that cover most of the energy costs.

Belgian family Baudoin opens modern organic poultry house in Wallonia7

Oversight and peace of mind with the Fortica® system

The Fortica® automation system ensures that all the processes in the poultry house can be easily kept under control. It provides accurate registration and control of ventilation, lighting and the supply of water and feed. It also takes account of the age and weight of the animals. With the Fortica® system, the Baudoin family can ensure a pleasant and uniform living environment for the laying hens, better egg production, good animal health, plus an agreeable working environment. The whole system is also very easy to operate with an app, which provides these poultry farmers with an overview of the systems and gives them peace of mind.

Belgian family Baudoin opens modern organic poultry house in Wallonia2

Optimum distribution of air and a pleasant climate thanks to equal pressure ventilation

Strict ventilation rules apply in Wallonia, so the family chose to use natural ventilation and new mechanical ventilation with equal pressure via the Air Equalizer air inlet ducts on the roof. This system ensures optimum air distribution in the house, even when the pop holes are open. Thanks to the equal pressure system, there are no draughts near the pop holes, thus guaranteeing a pleasant climate in the poultry house.

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