Breeder barn in Poland

Breeder barn in Poland

At the beginning of June, our Polish dealer delivered a new breeder barn in Poland. The breeder barn is 150 metres long and 32 metres wide. The barn contains two rows of laying nests and the incubating eggs are collected in the middle.

Automation with the ORION-PP

The entire barn is controlled by the ORION-PP using special software, which supplies the desired portions of feed to the various hoppers. The feed is weighed by the FWS-4N feed weigher and is then distributed among the various feed hoppers. Each hopper receives its own specified quantity of feed, which depends on the settings entered in the ORION-PP. Besides controlling the feed automation, the ORION-PP also controls the nest automation. The EKUs place the feed and drink lines at the correct height.

Fresh air enters the barn via air inlet chimneys with a distribution plate and is extracted via exhaust chimneys. Cone fans and tunnel shutters have been installed for extra ventilation. The dimmable lighting is controlled by the ORION-PP, as is the registration of the water consumption.

All the barns are linked to the SmartLink. This way, the farmer and the installer can log and manage the barn’s data together with Hotraco using a special app on a smartphone or the Rainbow+ PC program. The app has recently been given a new look and is now identical to the house style of the ORION.

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