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Climate control

Optimum barn climate leads to better growth

We help you create the right climate for your pigs. Hotraco Agri automation systems can maintain the right climate for every type of barn, regardless of the outdoor climate. An optimum barn climate improves the growth and health of your animals.

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The desired barn climate completely under control

Having the right measuring instruments in the barn is crucial for creating the right climate. Our systems perfectly balance ventilation, heating and cooling. This is done on the basis of temperature, relative humidity and negative pressure in your barn. When configuring the right climate, we can also take into account the age and weight of your animals. The CO2 and NH3 levels in your barn can also be measured, and the wind direction and speed are taken into account.

Pig Solutions climate item2 Ventilatie per afdeling

Ventilation per compartment

Each compartment can be ventilated separately by means of one or more chimneys that are equipped with a fan and damper. Our systems control the fan and damper based on the desired ventilation level for your pigs and their age. You can measure the ventilation volume using a measuring fan or rpm feedback.

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Pig Solutions climate item3 Centrale ventilatie

Central ventilation

In a central ventilation system the air is extracted by fans in one central exhaust duct. This is an advantage when it comes to air aftertreatment, because there is just one emission point in your barn. For example, the barn air can be treated with an air scrubber before it goes into the environment. The central extraction fans are controlled on the basis of the compartment with the highest level of demand or on the basis of negative pressure.

SmartFlow: Precise ventilation without measuring fans

SmartFlow is an innovative central ventilation system without measuring fans. With SmartFlow, the pressure difference between the compartment and the central duct is measured with a negative pressure sensor that can easily be mounted on the central corridor. This determines how much air is displaced in the compartments. The SmartFlow is not bound by minimum air speeds, which makes it possible to ventilate more accurately, even at minimum ventilation.

The benefits of good climate control

A good climate control system in the barn ensures a pleasant living environment for your pigs. It promotes the growth and health of your animals and you save on the costs of feed, water and veterinary care. In short, with good climate control, you will achieve higher returns.

Better growth
Perfect air distribution in the barn
Reduced veterinary and feed costs
Higher returns
Improved animal welfare
Pleasant living and working environment

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Hotraco Agri participating in study on ‘LED lighting for pigs’

Hotraco Agri is participating in a study at Wageningen University and Research about LED lighting in pig barns. The study is being conducted by Wageningen Livestock Research at the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC), Sterksel. This is the multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. Hotraco Agri is working on this study together with the groups DLV Consultancy, Rofianda, Wageningen Livestock Research. The study is looking at the effect of LED light on the well-being, productivity and behaviour of pigs. Hotraco Agri is participating with the new Thomas® Automation System for pig farming. Thomas® controls the LED lighting in the barn and records the lux levels. Thomas® also controls the climate here. The CO2, NH3 and RV levels are measures and recorded. The study is fully underway, see the photos here.

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