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Feed and water control

Automatic dry feed control for lower feed costs

With automatic feed control from Hotraco Agri, you can be sure the right amount of feed reaches your pigs in the barn at the right time. This automation system also gives you daily insight into feed consumption and feed costs. The system helps you to improve feed conversion and gives you insight into any deviations in feed consumption that may be an indication of the health of your animals. We are happy to help you automate the right dry feeding strategy.

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Basic Feeding: Simple feed control for silo augers and feed circuits

An automated feeding process offers a whole range of practical advantages. You can rest assured that your animals are automatically receiving the right amount of feed at the right time. With our Basic Feeding system, all the animals are fed ad lib and receive the same feed. Hotraco Agri can also control all types of dry feed systems, ranging from phase feeding and silo weighing to circuit and dosator control.

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Multiphase Feeding: Multiphase feed control for multiple feed circuits

Do you want to be able to select a specific portion and/or feed composition per animal or feed trough? Then the multiphase dry feed controller is just the thing for you. With this system you can change the composition of the feed on a daily basis to cater precisely to your pigs' needs. Various different feed types can be weighed, mixed and/or crushed, making it possible for you to select the feed composition yourself. Feed components can either come from silos or be added via feed metering devices (mini-dosing).

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Water monitoring

Drinking water is just as important for your animals as feed. Any discrepancies in water consumption can be an indication of the health of your animals. Our system closely monitors the water consumption of your animals and warns of any anomalies.

Benefits of good feed and water control

A well-automated feed and water control system ensures that your animals receive the right amount of feed on time and that you have insight into feed consumption and feed costs. It also helps you improve feed conversion and gives you a better indication of the health of your animals.

Exact feed dosing
Insights Into feed and water consumption per animal
Improved feed conversion
Monitoring current silo content
Feed/water ratio
Health indication

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Hotraco Agri participating in study on ‘LED lighting for pigs’

Hotraco Agri is participating in a study at Wageningen University and Research about LED lighting in pig barns. The study is being conducted by Wageningen Livestock Research at the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC), Sterksel. This is the multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. Hotraco Agri is working on this study together with the groups DLV Consultancy, Rofianda, Wageningen Livestock Research. The study is looking at the effect of LED light on the well-being, productivity and behaviour of pigs. Hotraco Agri is participating with the new Thomas® Automation System for pig farming. Thomas® controls the LED lighting in the barn and records the lux levels. Thomas® also controls the climate here. The CO2, NH3 and RV levels are measures and recorded. The study is fully underway, see the photos here.