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Broiler project at Mount Olympus, Greece

At the foot of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, a fantastic broiler project was completed by our dealer Anitec. The project consists of five barns with a capacity of 150,000 broilers. These barns are equipped with the latest poultry technology, including the Fortica® automation system.

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Fortica® with Greek language

Fortica® is the control centre of the barn. It regulates and monitors the climate, feed, water, lighting and automatic animal weighing. The touchscreen controls are clear and easy to use, and are displayed in Greek. Ideal for the Greek farm managers and employees in the barn.

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Automatic animal weighing

Each barn is equipped with automated animal weighing scales that are frequently used by the chicks. This enables Fortica® to accurately determine the average weight of the animals. The principle of animal weighing is based on a differential weighing detected by the scale.

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Fortus Farm Management

With the Fortus Farm Management program the farm manager can quickly and easily view the results from the five barns. It provides insight into animal weight, feed and water intake and the climate. The farm manager can clearly compare these data and see which barn needs his attention in order to improve the results.

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