USA new layer farm in de US 3 floor avairy

Cage-free layer house in the USA

150.000 layers in aviary housing

Last week we attended the open day of a new layer farm in the USA. The new 3 floor aviary farm, with 150.000 layers, is controlled by an innovative Fortica® control panel. Climate, feed, water and lighting will be smoothly controlled from one touchscreen system! So the environment for the layers is perfect to perform excellent. The Fortica® system has been upgraded to the imperial system for the American market.

Fortica system total control

The all-in-one system

The Fortica® is an extremely user-friendly and universal poultry automation system that gives you total control over all the house processes. It regulates, controls and monitors all your poultry house processes, such as climate, feed, water, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting. The full touchscreen operation makes this system extremely user friendly and clear. The Fortica® system can also be linked to a remote app and an innovative Farm Management program.

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