Netherlands1 No more worrying about my ventilation

No more worrying about my ventilation!

No more worrying about my ventilation!

Pig farmer Louis Klomp is very positive about the Thomas® system in his barn. At the end of 2017 a major expansion was carried out at the Klomp pig holding in Moergestel (NL). Since the expansion the company has 1200 sows and about 6,000 weaners, and there is another barn in Heukelom with just under 6,000 fattening pigs. The Thomas® automation system in the new barn was installed by local dealer Wouters Klimaattechniek. This gives the pig farmer complete control over the climate and lighting within his company. ‘The system is the heart of the barn and easy to operate via the phone,’ Klomp says.

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Complete control over the climate and lighting

SmartFlow ventilation

The ventilation is very closely regulated, using the SmartFlow principle. The Thomas® SmartFlow measures the pressure difference between the section and the central plenum to compute how much air is flowing in each section. Each section has two dampers which are then adjusted accordingly. The Thomas® system relieves me of the need to worry about my ventilation so I can concentrate on doing the rest of my work well.


An EasyButton is located at the door to each section. The EasyButton can be used to select various phases, such as unloading, soaking, cleaning, drying and heating: Thomas® then ensures that the preset ventilation program is completed for each phase. ‘It's ideal for the cleaning personnel, because this means they no longer have to touch the computer,’ says Klomp. The EasyButton can also be used to temporarily override the light program.

LED lighting

The new LED lighting, which provides bright light in each section, is also controlled by the Thomas® system. An accurate day and night rhythm, resulting from correct lighting, contributes to the performance of the animals. This energy-efficient LED lighting has a high lux value and is easy to install. Thomas® makes this LED lighting dimmable and controllable via a timer.

Thomas® app

The entire system is linked to an app that allows the pig farmer to view and change any of the settings and operate all the controllers from a smartphone. Klomp finds it to be very user-friendly, because the app's screens are exactly the same as the screens on the Thomas® computer.

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