New two-level poultry barn in Raalte

New two-level poultry barn in Raalte

Friday 22 July was open day at the Kievitsbosch Family in Raalte to mark the new free-range poultry barn. This laying hen barn has two levels, with the lower level allowing access to the outdoors. The entire barn has space for 45,000 hens. Frilim fitted out the entire barn along with all the technical systems. Hotraco Agri developed the operating system in the barn and was present at the open day along with Frilim.


An ORION-PS computer controls the entire climate in the barn separately for each floor. These computers have been installed in a large switchpanel, the same as the ORION-FWS feed computer. De ORION-FWS controls the FWS-4N feed weighing machine. Together they regulate the quantity of feed going into the barn. In the barn there are LED lights capable of emitting white, green and red light. This lighting is also controlled from the switchpanel. The inlet valves on the side of the barn are powered by SmartWinch motors. These SmartWinch motors ensure that the inlet valves are in the correct position under control from the ORION-PS. A switch panel has been installed in the manure shed that provides the controls to spread the manure evenly across the shed.

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