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Thomas® automation system

All barn processes fully under control

Thomas® is a complete automation system for pig farms. The Thomas® system regulates, controls and monitors the climate, feed, water, lighting and animal weighing in your pig barn. This smart, user-friendly automation system gives you total control over all your barn processes and increases the profitability of your business operations. It also makes your work a whole lot easier!

The benefits of Thomas® at a glance

24/7 Complete control
All-in-one system
Easy to use
Remote control
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Remote control

The Remote+ App allows you to remotely control the Thomas® system with a smartphone or tablet. It gives you direct access to all barn processes, such as climate control, feeding and animal weighing, no matter where you might be. You can see all the controllers and make any necessary changes, wherever you are. The screen layouts in the app are exactly the same as those on your computer. This provides great ease of use and total control over all barn processes from the palm of your hand.

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Easy switching between ventilation phases at the touch of a button

For optimal ventilation with as little intervention as possible, Thomas® offers the EasyButton. This button allows you to select the different phases, and then Thomas® activates the previously-defined ventilation schedule for each phase. Such phases include unloading, soaking, cleaning, drying, heating and production. Thomas® maintains the perfect climate settings to match the current ventilation mode in each compartment.

Pig solutions pig systems item4 Farm management

Prisma Farm Management

With the Prisma Farm Management program you can quickly and easily view and compare results of animal weight, climate, feed and water intake and more, for all the barns. This program is part of the Thomas® system and provides clear visualisations of all relevant barn data in the form of charts and diagrams on your PC. You see an overall picture of the living conditions of your pigs, at a glance. The dashboard of this management program can also be set up based on your personal wishes. You decide for yourself which data is most important to see and compare.

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Integrated control panels

Do you want to be able to operate all your equipment clearly and safely from a one square metre space? An integrated control panel from Hotraco Agri offers you a complete overview at a glance. It is the control centre of your barn, safely protected behind a door to prevent dust from getting into sensitive equipment, which eliminates a lot of problems. Moreover, it takes little time for your installer to install this panel, and any problems can be localised and corrected quickly.

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Thomas® Climate

Thomas® Climate is a versatile climate and management computer for one to twelve rooms. But that’s not all; with the Thomas® Climate, you can also control the lighting and animal weighing in your barn. Everything is perfectly attuned. The available functions are shown by icons on the large display. This makes the computer very easy to operate. In short: the Thomas® Climate allows you to control and manage your pigs’ living environment with optimum results!

Thomas® Feed

The Thomas® Feed feeding computer has been completely revamped over the past year, so that it is now the most comprehensive feeding computer on the market! The Thomas® Feed is an innovative feeding computer for controlling dry feed systems with ad-lib feeding. The automated feed and water control system ensures that your animals receive the right amount of feed and water on time and that you have insight 24/7 into feed consumption and feed costs. That makes your work a whole lot easier.

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Netherlands9 No more worrying about my ventilation

Thomas® MultiFeed

The Thomas® Multifeed allows you to control and manage all multiphase dry feed systems. With this system, you can apply multiphase feeding per animal or per trough. In addition, it is possible to weigh, mix and/or crush up to thirty different feed types. This means you can determine the feed composition yourself. The feed places can be filled in a sensor-controlled manner, so that the feed quantities can be matched perfectly to what is required.