Canada1 New broiler house in Canada

New broiler house in Canada

New broiler house in Canada

In August 2014, dealer CFM Système from Québec, Canada commissioned a new broiler house. It is a stable of 400 x 64 ft in total which houses 36,000 animals. All processes are controlled by the Orion-PB computer for broilers which is integrated in a control cabinet.


The stall is provided with 12 chimneys which are devided over the length of the ridge. The chimneys are all equipped with a new recirculation unit, which brings the air back into the stall and not cast out. Each recirculation unit is on either side provided with 3 ceiling inlet valves in order to mix the the stable circulating air with fresh air. By the use of ceiling ventilation, the air is not taken directly from the outside, but through the space between the roof covering and the insulation. So, the incoming air is preheated. The recirculation system mixes the incoming air with the existing warm stable air. Only then the fresh air reaches the animals and drafts or cold air is excluded.


Air intake valves are integrated in the side walls for the maximum ventilation and at the rear, three fans are placed in end wall. Both the inlet valves which are to the side and in the ceiling are driven by a SmartWinch motor. In total, 8 SmartWinches are mounted.

In order to monitor the growth of the animals two weighing systems are mounted in the broiler house. The DWS-4-SW animal weighing platform is specifically designed for broilers. Furthermore, the stable has a floor heating in one zone.

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