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A good light climate improves pig welfare

Barn lighting is an important part of the total barn design; it has a major impact on the behaviour and welfare of your animals. Hotraco Agri helps pig farmers maintain the right lighting in their barn. After all, a good light climate improves growth performance and results in better feed conversion.

Dimmable (LED) lighting

Good light in your barn has a positive effect on your pigs' performance. Our system ensures that the correct light intensity of your conventional or LED lighting is set automatically. This ensures an optimum day and night rhythm for your animals, which improves animal welfare. Sustainable LED lighting provides every compartment with bright, natural light while reducing energy costs. This ensures a pleasant living environment for your animals and a pleasant working environment for you, which is important too.

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Benefits of good lighting control

Uniform light distribution
Dimmable light intensity
Optimal day/night rhythm
Improved growth performance
More effective feed conversion
Better animal welfare