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Orion control panel

Control panels

The control centre of your barn

Would you like to be able to operate all your equipment intuitively and securely, from one square metre? A control panel from Hotraco Agri provides you a total overview at a glance. It is the control centre of your barn, securely locked behind a door, where sensitive equipment is protected from dirt and dust, keeping malfunctions to a minimum. Moreover, this panel is designed for quick installation by your installer, and any problems can be quickly located and remedied.

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Intuitive design for easy use
Adaptable to the way you work
Easy to install
Equipment is kept dust-free
Fewer malfunctions
Problems solved quickly
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Integrated control panels

With our state-of-the-art engineering and production resources, we are able to provide both standard and project-based solutions for panel construction. Our automation systems, such as Fortica®, Orion® and Thomas® can be easily integrated into the panel. All our switch and control panels are extensively tested before they leave our factory and are, of course, accompanied by an inspection report.

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Production Production facility

Own production facility

We produce all our control systems in-house. With the engineering and production capacity of our panel building department, we can supply all necessary switch and control panels for the agricultural sector from our Dekra-certified workshop. Because we develop, build and install control panels for a wide range of companies, we are able to distil the experience gained from completed projects and other disciplines within the entire group of Hotraco companies and integrate it into future designs.

Hotraco production facility
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Power distribution up to 5000 amps

We can also handle the design and construction of switchgear and controlgear assemblies rated at up to 5,000 amps. Reliable controlgear leads to higher productivity. Our years of experience guarantee quality and functionality.

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Would you like to be able to operate all your equipment intuitively and securely?

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Related projects

China4 30 broiler houses in China

30 broiler houses in China

A large project in China was recently finished for 5 farms with 6 broiler houses each. Each barn houses 55,680 broiler chickens (to max 2.5 kg). The barn was designed with a cage batteries in 5 rows with 4 levels. Hotraco Agri designed switch panels with the Fortica® system to control all processes in the broiler houses from climate control, ventilation, lighting, animal weighing and feed and water control to manure removal. Poultry farmers can view and adjust these processes quickly and easily with the Fortica system’s user-friendly touch screen. This farm is also provided with the Fortlink®, which enables a secure connection with a PC, tablet or smartphone. The Fortlink® collects data from all the connected barns, displays it on a screen and forwards it to a connected PC or to the Fortica app via the internet. The user-friendly Fortica app enables poultry farmers to read off and control the Fortica system remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Netherlands1 Broiler farmer upgrades from Orion to Fortica system

Broiler farmer upgrades from Orion® to Fortica® system

This year broiler farmer Ramon Harmes of Klazienaveen in the province of Drenthe (NL) has upgraded from the ORION® system to the new touch screen Fortica® system. The broiler house systems were installed by poultry house automation specialist Kosse Staltechnieken, which the Harmes family has relied on for the past 25 years. The Harmes had four broiler houses, but they recently razed two to make room for two brand ones with the innovative new Fortica® system. The other two barns are still in use and have been converted to Fortica®. Two additional large broiler houses are currently being built. In total, the agricultural enterprise will have space to house 248,500 broilers, with the day-old chicks being held 6 to 8 weeks. The goal is transformation into a sustainable poultry farm. In keeping with this plan, electricity is generated by solar panels and the barns will be heated with energy produced by burning manure.

England1 Layer Farm in the UK

Layer Farm in the UK

Last month the Sally layer farm in the UK opened his doors. The Campus at Sally Farm will be a place of learning for degree students and apprentices. With 4 identical 16.000 bird poultry houses on each development, it will be a venue for research on a commercial scale where comparative controlled trials can be performed. All houses are equipped with the innovative Fortica® system and the new MiteAlert. Fortica® provides poultry farmers with important information about the performance of their animals, such as an insight into the laying percentage and the number of eggs. With the MiteAlert® the farm manager can get and keep track of the size and development of a red mite population in the house, and determine a treatment moment on that basis. This Farm will be a facility for the UK poultry industry, a template for modern egg production and is the future of high poultry welfare.