Broiler Breeders in the southwest of England

Broiler Breeders in the southwest of England

In Devon, in the southwest of England, our dealer Draper Ventilation has delivered a new breeding farm for broilers. The farm consists of four barns, each measuring 115.8 metres by 13.7 metres and containing 9,000 hens and 900 cocks. Hotraco Agri designed the switch panel and delivered the ventilation chimneys which control the climate in these barns.

Switch panel with Fortica

The switch panel has three integrated Fortica computers, which control the climate system and the feed system in the barns. The ventilation is controlled based on the temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration. Each barn is fitted with nine ADO8 roof chimneys, which are used to exhaust the air from the barn. Fresh outside air is drawn in via air inlet valves in the side wall.

The feed augers are controlled by the Fortica, which is connected to external CAN-IO-LCA-D boxes. These boxes ensure that the measurements taken by the feed silo weighing cell are converted into a signal for the Fortica computer. The switch panel also controls the weighing of the animals, the water supply and the lighting, and it has an extensive alarm system with integrated ACA-10N and IRIS-A.

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