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Animal health

Animal health

Animal health is one of the most important aspects of every livestock farmer's operations. Healthy animals living in a pleasant environment ensure optimum production. So, it is essential to prevent animal diseases and keep animals healthy. Hotraco can help you with this.


New EU regulations on veterinary medicines and medicated feed

New EU regulations on veterinary medicinal products and medicated feed will go into effect in 2022. Guidelines for the use of VMPs in the European Union will not only become stricter but also more transparent. This change is an initiative of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE).

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New guidelines for antibiotics

From 2022 onwards, antibiotics may only be used under strict conditions and their use must be registered in accordance with the guidelines in force at that time. The aim of this measure is threefold: to improve animal health and welfare; to protect public health, and to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Hotraco systems help prevent animal diseases

The new veterinary medicines legislation poses major challenges for poultry farmers across Europe. Animals in poultry houses will have to be kept healthy with the least possible use of antibiotics. Hotraco Agri is prepared for this legislation and helps farmers identify sick animals at an early stage. We do this through automatic control and registration of feed and water intake, animal weight and egg production, among other things.

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Automatic registration of feed and water intake

Our advanced systems give farmers 24/7 insight into their animals' feed and water intake. This is important, because changes in feed or water intake can serve as an indicator of animal health: sick animals generally eat less and drink more. With automatic registration of feeding and drinking behaviour, abnormalities can be detected at an early stage and any animal diseases can be quickly detected and effectively contained. Automatic feed control also ensures a very gradual transition to a new type of feed for the animals, which prevents common intestinal problems.

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Automatic monitoring of animal weight

By automatically monitoring animal weight, poultry farmers have quick, easy, 24/7 insight into their animals' performance. Broilers grow very quickly, so it is especially important to detect abnormalities or disruptions in the growth process of these animals quickly so that timely action can be taken. If the number of measurements and growth stagnate, this often means that animals are sick. Diseases such as Coccidiosis and E.coli can be detected at an early stage with automatic monitoring. This enables the farmer to detect sick animals at an early stage and thus prevent the disease from spreading further.

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An optimum barn climate prevents animal diseases

If the climate in the barn is not good, this creates an unpleasant living environment, which increases the likelihood of animals becoming sick. Incorrect ventilation, for example, creates wet litter or wet manure on the ground in the barn, which can lead to leg disorders. And wet manure can also result in high ammonia production, which causes the animals to suffer from respiratory problems. Such conditions also increase the likelihood and frequency of diseases such as E.coli. Hotraco's automation systems ensure that the barn ventilation and climate are optimal and fully adapted to the age of the animals.

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Eggs laying percentage

Monitoring egg production

It is important for a laying hen keeper to know how their animals are performing. Continuous insight into egg production is also important, because egg production serves as an indicator of the hens' health. Every laying hen keeper knows that a downturn in egg production is an indication that something is not right with their animals' condition. Hotraco Agri egg counters automatically register the number of eggs in your poultry house. This way you always have an up-to-date laying percentage and are kept informed about animal performance 24/7.

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