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Climate control without measuring fans

Climate control without measuring fans

In 2013 Cor and Jannes van Limpt put their new pighouse for finishers into operation. The climate is controlled on the basis of pressure and temperature measurement.

Smart Flow

The finisher pighouse of Family Van Limpt is equipped with the new ventilation system SmartFlow. The ventilation system uses a new measuring method that enables ventilation to be regulated more precisely than ever, even when only minimum ventilation is required. The system bases its measurements on pressure differences, which eliminates the need for a measuring fan in the pig compartments.


All 22 units are powered by a CYGNUS-V controller. A temperature and pressure sensor are directly connected to this controller. For the central controls, the new climate computer CYGNUS-VC has been installed. This controls the central exhaust fans based on highest demanding department, under pressure or a combination thereof. Furthermore, a central air intake is controlled based on pressure or synchronized with ventilation. Also, the heating control is integrated into the CYGNUS-VC and can be switched in different ways.


The new house of the family Van Limpt is extra fireproof performed with many fireproof materials. In addition to smoke detectors and a fire alarm, this is the first stall in the Netherlands, which is equipped with the innovative fire detection system in the CYGNUS-V. This heat detection system alerts if the temperature in the compartment rises too quickly (more than 5°C per minute) or exceeds a certain value (58°C). In every department of family Van Limpt one temperature sensor has been installed to record the room temperature and one sensor for the fire alarm. It is placed under the guidelines of the insurance in the airflow and is close to the extraction point. Once the temperature rises too quickly, the CYGNUS-V gives an alarm.

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