Bio Legehennenstall in der Schweiz6

Organic laying hen house in Switzerland

In the Swiss town of Geuensee, Farmtec SA has automated a new organic laying hen house with the Fortica® system. This laying hen house, with 2000 hens, has a covered winter garden and a large outdoor range.

Bio Legehennenstall in der Schweiz10

Control centre with Fortica® system

The Fortica® system includes special software for free range and aviary systems that allows it to maintain a perfect climate in the barn. The ventilation is pressure-regulated. Fortica® controls the equipment, such as the SmartWinch motor for opening the air inlet valves. Animal growth is continuously monitored via the DWS-4-ZW animal weighing platform. In addition to the climate and animal weighing, the Fortica® system also regulates and monitors the feed, water and lighting in the barn.

Fortica app poultry remote control2

Fortus Farm Management & SyslinQ Remote

The Fortica® not only guarantees a secure connection to these organic laying hen houses but is also linked to an app and an innovative Farm Management program. The SyslinQ Remote App makes it possible to control the barns remotely. This way, at any time of the day, regardless of his location, the farmer has access to all the barn processes and can adjust the controls.

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