Modern boar barn in Vietnam

Modern boar barn in Vietnam

At the end of 2015, a new boar barn was built in Vietnam. The new barn is one of the most modern barns in South East Asia. Hotraco Agri worked with VDL Agrotech to design the climate and feed control systems.

Climate system controlled by ORION-VS

A cooling installation ensures that the temperature inside the barn remains at approximately 20 °C. The capacity of the cooling installation is controlled in the switch box by an integrated ORION-VS computer. The ORION-VS controls the ventilation in the barn and in the adjacent areas, such as the loading area and the service centre. The ventilation in the barn is controlled based on the temperature, the relative humidity and the pressure. The barn is kept at an excess pressure and all the incoming air is filtered. The feed system is controlled by an integrated SIRIUS-DF. The supply of drinking water is also controlled and the water consumption is recorded. All these control systems, including the ACA-10N alarm, are integrated in a switch panel.

Remote control

The Rainbow+ management program and the SMARTLINK-RM are used in this barn so that the controls can be read and controlled remotely via a PC or mobile telephone. All the data collected by the ORION-VS can be conveniently displayed via a PC. It gives you a clear view of the various spaces with the activated ventilations systems and quick action can be taken if an alarm is given.

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