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New ventilation concept in sustainable poultry houses

Lamberdina's Hoeve is one of the most sustainable poultry farms in the world. At Lamberdina's Hoeve everything revolves around the chicken. The living environment in these poultry houses is perfect in every regard, and so too are the eggs. Hotraco Agri's Fortica® system contributes to the realization of this optimal environment for the animals.

Lamberdinas hoeve Fortica Eco Unit 0 Eric Thielen1

Free range with large pasture

The poultry farm has 14 small barns with 2850 layers each. The barns consist of various working and sleeping areas that the chickens learn to discover and use. The fenced-in free range pasture gives them a feeling of absolute freedom and safety. When it is necessary to protect them from an outbreak of avian influenza, the chickens remain safe and healthy in the winter garden and can still enjoy daylight and fresh air.

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Ventilation via ECO unit

The Fortica® system regulates and monitors all barn processes, such as climate, feed, water and lighting. All the barns at Lamberdina's Hoeve are ventilated via ECO units, which eliminates the need for air inlets valves and exhaust fans.

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Emission of particulate matter is reduced by 80%

During cold weather the ECO Unit acts as a heat exchanger that uses warm air from the barn to heat fresh air from outdoors. The ECO Unit also cools the incoming air when it is hot outside. Preheated or pre-cooled air is fed directly into the barn and directed towards the roof, where circulation fans then distribute the air throughout the barn. This ensures an even temperature and uniform climate in the entire barn. As an additional benefit, the emission of particulate matter is reduced by 80%.

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