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EggXact egg counter

We proudly present Hotraco's egg counter EggXact

Do you want real-time insight into the egg production of your layers or breeders at all times and by belt? Do you want to detect and locate problems in your barn within seconds and take immediate action when needed? We proudly present Hotraco's egg counter EggXact, with a new shape and communication system for extreme reliability and durability. On this page you will read how we radically improved our egg counters in 7 ways.

How egg producers benefit from egg counting:

Detect production differences and respond quickly to failures and diseases
With an egg counter on each belt, you can detect production differences immediately when production results go down.
Always up-to-date laying percentages
Real-time insight into the number of eggs per belt per day, hour and minute. Works with every system and on any device, including your phone.
Developed for perfect Egg Flow Control to reduce labor costs
Hotraco’s Egg Flow Control system automatically adjusts the speed of each egg belt, so that the amount of eggs on the collection belt always perfectly matches the packing capacity.

The 7 most important quality improvements of the EggXact

These are the 7 improvements that helped create the most advanced -and more importantly- the most reliable egg counter on the market.

EggXact egg counter. You can count on us!

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1. New design: the sensors are shielded by glass from broken eggs and dust

The new shape of the egg counter virtually eliminates production interruptions due to contamination. In the inventive design, the glass where the sensors sit behind has been placed slightly more backward, so that broken eggs and dust cannot contaminate the glass. This makes the egg counter much less likely to get dirty and the counting system more reliable and accurate. It greatly improves the product lifetime of the counters as well.

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2. Real-time date sharing with external (CAN-SENS) communication system

This egg counting system is developed with a new high-speed communication system for these new Eggxact egg counters, with real-time data exchange. When egg producers use egg counters on all belts, they have real-time insight into the egg production of each belt. Thanks to a clear visualization of the count on the display, egg producers can detect and locate problems within seconds and take immediate action when needed.

Hotraco’s new egg counters help you to detect production differences and optimize your production results

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The communication system is not placed within the egg counter, but is external. And galvanic separation is used to prevent ground loops and to prevent the touching of any part of the circuit connected to the mains or any other hazardous voltage. This results in a safe, reliable and smooth egg counting and data sharing system, also while counting eggs in multiple barns.

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3. EggXact: the best egg counters for optimal Egg Flow Control

Conventional egg counters work with pulses, which require more time to communicate data. Although these new egg counters are compatible with pulse technology, they are specifically designed for real-time communication for optimal egg flow control. Thanks to this real-time and continuous exchange of information, egg producers can react faster to changing conditions in the house. They can also regulate the egg flow more quickly. This is ideally suited for Egg Flow Control in which multiple belts communicate with each other to ensure a constant supply to the egg packer.

EggXact egg counter has a new shape for extreme reliability and accuracy and a longer product lifetime.

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4. Less failures thanks to sensor technology that is insensitive to ambient light

EggXact egg counters use new sensor technology that is virtually insensitive to ambient light. By working with sensors the spread in reflection is smaller and failure due to deviating LEDs is a thing of the past.

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5. Long product lifetime because of IP54 rating and external settings

EggXact egg counters have an IP54 (internal protection) rating. This means that they are completely sealed and protected from solid objects and splashing water from any angle. Because all settings are external, there is no need to open the egg counters. This prevents dust from getting in, reduces the risk of defects, and ensures a longer product life.

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6. Easy installation thanks to plug and play system

We have made it a priority to make the system very easy to install for dealers and farmers. The new compact form of the egg counter is easy to assemble, as the counters are pre-wired and come with a fixed cable. Two standard mounting brackets are also included. In addition, the mounting set for the cross conveyor comes with a guide bracket. Optionally, a plug can be included that makes it very easy to temporarily take out the egg counter for when farmers want to clean the barn. The whole system is truly plug and play.

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7. EggXact works with different types of egg belts, all types of eggs and all brands of poultry controllers

The EggXact egg counter is suitable for:

  • counting all type of eggs;
  • all types of barns, from cage to cage-free;
  • Egg belts: Rod crossconveyor, Jute-band, PVC band white, PVC band white with hole;
  • For different belt speeds

It works with all existing poultry controllers of all brands.

EggXact egg counter. You can count on us!