Modern, advanced broiler houses in Hungary

Modern, advanced broiler houses in Hungary

At the start of the year, our Hungarian dealer Poultry-Tech Ltd delivered broiler houses for McDonalds. These broiler houses are extremely modern and innovative. The owner of this company has used the latest technology to reduce the impact on the environment and to improve production and the well-being of the animals. This modern, innovative and advanced approach has led to this company becoming one of McDonalds' Flagship Farms.

Fortica poultry and management computer

These hypermodern broiler houses all have a Fortica poultry computer, which controls the entire climate. The computer monitors and controls, amongst other things, the ventilation, the heating, the humidity level, the air pressure and the cooling in these broiler houses. It also records management details on a daily basis, including the weight of the animals, the feed consumption, the water consumption, the temperature and the relative humidity.

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