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Make egg collection easy, automatic and effective

Hotraco’s Fortica Central Egg Collection (CEC) is a unique system that reduces egg collection labor time and costs while also increasing egg quality and facilitating the operators’ job. This is achieved by establishing low-complexity and high-efficiency egg collection processes, automating and limiting the number of starts and stops with a smooth egg flow.

Benefits of Fortica-CEC:

Optimized egg collection processes and smooth egg flow
Automated operations and decreased system complexity
Decreased labor time and costs
Increased egg quality
Customizable solution to all farm types

This user-friendly control system not only helps saving cost on collection labor, but it also increases the operator’s job satisfaction by simplifying their job.

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Automated operations and decreased system complexity

Fortica-CEC controls several components in the egg flow and collection system, automating operations and simplifying the overall process. This is done through the continuous exchange of information that allows to react faster to the changing conditions of the layer barn. Multiple egg belts communicate with each other to ensure a constant supply of eggs. The system knows the amount of eggs per belt and automatically adjusts their speed to match collection needs and the packing capacity, as well automatically stopping and resuming processes when necessary.

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Egg Xact Egg counter MV 04070

Proprietary high-precision egg counters

Our advanced egg counters have very high accuracy of 99.5% or even better. They can be used in many different barn types. Thanks to the real-time and continuous exchange of information, egg producers can react faster to changing conditions in the house and regulate the egg flow more quickly.

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