Calf stable in Hungary1

Calf barn in Hungary

Modern calf barn

Our dealer G. van Beek en Zn. recently completed a new, ultra-modern calf barn in Hungary. G. van Beek en Zn. is a worldwide specialist in barn equipment for white and rose veal calves. The calf barn in Hungary is equipped with the user-friendly Thomas® automation system, which serves as ‘the heart of the barn’.

Calf stable in Hungary7

Perfect climate control

The Thomas® Climate ensures a perfect climate in the 16 rooms. Proper ventilation ensures a pleasant ambient temperature for the calves so they can grow optimally. In addition, the MultiWinch motors open and close the air intake hatches in the barn.

Calf stable in Hungary9

MODbus control

The new MODbus control in the Thomas® system makes it possible to determine the valve position in the ventilation duct even more precisely. This ensures that exactly the right amount of fresh air reaches the calves in the room. Based on the feedback provided by the Belimo motor, the MODbus control also ensures that action can be taken at an early stage in the event of a defect. This avoids any major adverse effects on the climate in the barn.

Calf stable in Hungary8

LED lighting control

Good light in the barn has a positive effect on the performance of the calves. Thomas® ensures that the correct light intensity of the LED lighting is set automatically. This ensures an optimal day and night rhythm for the animals, which improves animal welfare.

Calf stable in Hungary PRISMA

Prisma Farm Management & Thomas app

The Farm Management program and the Thomas® app guarantee a secure connection to the calf barn. The Thomas® app allows the farmer to control the barn remotely. With Prisma Farm Management, important climate data in the rooms can be compared and monitored, such as temperature and humidity. The dashboard of this management program can be fully customised by the user, based on their personal wishes.

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