Sow barn with SmartFlow ventilation system in Bulgaria

Sow barn with SmartFlow ventilation system in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian dealer Agroconsult recently established a new operation for sows in Bulgaria. The operation consists of one gestation barn for 288 sows, four farrowing sections, each with 36 places, three nursing sections, each with 900 piglets and two sections each with 87 sows.

This project is equipped with the SmartFlow ventilation system from Hotraco Agri for central extraction. Measuring the flow per section with this SmartFlow system is done on the basis of pressure sensors in each section. The pig farmer has deliberately chosen central extraction in order to move his emission point to one side of the building in this way. The barn operates partly with controlled air inlets and partly with a perforated ventilation ceiling. In addition, there is the option in summer of pre-cooling incoming air using pad cooling in “cooler boxes”.

The complete farm is linked to the internet via the Smartlink, so that the pig farmer, the installing technician and Hotraco Agri are able to log in at all times with the Rainbow PC program. This is so as to view the settings and readings and to make adjustments where necessary. In addition, the customer has the smartphone app available, using which he can have direct access to the barn.

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