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Lighting and nest control

A good light climate improves performance

House lighting is an important part of the total house design; it has a major impact on the behaviour and welfare of your animals. A good light climate improves the growth performance, egg production and feed intake of your animals. Hotraco Agri helps poultry farmers install and control the most effective house lighting.

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Each type of housing requires specific lighting that meets the needs of the animals. Light can be used to stimulate the activity of your animals. For example, light promotes feed intake and influences day and night rhythms, which improves animal welfare. Correct light distribution and light intensity are important in this respect. Hotraco Agri can control this for you.

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Nest control

With our automatic nest control system you can train your animals to go to the right floor and the right nest in the system at exactly the right time. The nests can be controlled in two groups. By dimming various lighting controllers in a specific order, the animals are led to a different floor. And by automatically increasing the light intensity during the laying period, you prevent out-of-nest eggs.

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Benefits of good lighting and nest control

Uniform light distribution
Optimises egg production
Increased feed intake
Improved growth performance
Higher animal welfare