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New Livar farm equipped with advanced Thomas® system

Livar, the only pork chain in the Netherlands to be awarded the highest possible number of stars for the Beter Leven Keurmerk [Better Living Certification], has another new farm. The new Livar pig production houses in Meerlo were opened in late 2020. Here, Limburg monastery pigs are raised under the best possible conditions, after which they are processed into unique cuts of meat or meat products.

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Perfect conditions for the animals

In the new Livar pig houses in Meerlo the animals have plenty of space and unique access to the outdoors, and the houses are equipped with the latest marvels and modern technologies. For example, the pigs are pampered with an automatic bedding system that scatters fresh straw in the pens several times a day. Great to play with and nice to lie in. In addition, the user-friendly Thomas® system provides automatic climate control, manure removal and feed control, creating the best possible living conditions for the animals.

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Climate control and manure removal

Fresh, crisp air enters the house by means of overpressure and exits again through the opening above the curtain at the highest point of the roof. The barn is automatically mucked out daily by a scraper system that removes the manure from the barn and collects it centrally. Thanks in part to this automatic manure removal, the barn has a fresh, pleasant climate with low emissions.

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Feed control

The automatic feed control by Thomas® Feed gives the pig farmer total control over the feeding system. With this user-friendly system, pig farmers can count on their pigs receiving the right amount of feed at the right time. Reliability and efficiency are paramount, resulting in optimum health and growth of the animals, an extremely accurate feeding process per room and animal, and lower feeding costs.

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About Livar

The Livar monastery pig is a genuine regional product from Limburg. Good care of the pigs, combined with special cross-breeding and the use of selected regional grains as feed, results in an extremely tasty, special piece of meat. Livar stands for purity and passion with a social value for people and the environment. This is why Livar pigs are kept based on an honest concept with the small-scale character and charm of yesterday, yet in keeping with all the modern guidelines – and you taste the difference!

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