Pig barns in South Africa
Another pig barn in South Africa has been automated with the Hotraco system. It concerns four barns with a total of eight compartments. Each compartment contains 1,100 piglets, weighing between 6 and 35 kg. The SIRIUS computer controls the ventilation, heating and extra cooling. The feed is registered via silo weighing. The computers are connected to the SMARTLINK-RM, which makes remote control... Read more +
Barn renovation with Thomas® Climate
Two pig barns are being renovated in Wanroij. In total, this farm has 26 rooms with 4500 pigs. Barn 1 has ten rooms and Barn 2 has two sets of eight rooms. Our dealer Van Boxtel Electro chose to use Thomas Climate computers to control the climate in these barns. The barns have a central exhaust duct with an air scrubber. The Thomas Climate controls the exhaust using the SmartFlow system. Fresh... Read more +
Thomas® successfully implemented at Dutch pig farm
The Thomas® automation system for pig farming was introduced at EuroTier 2016 and has already been successfully implemented at a Dutch pig farm by our dealer E.T.B. van Heerdt. The Thomas® system guarantees perfect harmony between control computers and dry feed and ventilation systems. The system is linked to an app that allows the pig farmer to view and change any of the settings and operate all... Read more +
Fortica Free Flow in Canada
At the start of the year, a number of laying hen barns were delivered in Canada by our dealer Walbern Agri-Systems Ltd. Hotraco Agri has used the new Free Flow ventilation concept in these barns. Free Flow is a ventilation concept which has been specially developed for free-range barns. The ventilation in the barn is based on a negative and positive pressure in the barn. This ventilation concept... Read more +
Hotraco Agri took part in the development of a project that is unique in the Netherlands, the Poultry Innovation Lab
Hotraco Agri took part in the development of a project that is unique in the Netherlands, the Poultry Innovation Lab. The project was initiated by the Poultry Expertise Centre and was carried out in collaboration with the business sector, the education sector and the government. The lab provides a practical learning environment for students and professionals alike. A practical study is taking... Read more +
Modern, advanced broiler houses in Hungary
At the start of the year, our Hungarian dealer Poultry-Tech Ltd delivered broiler houses for McDonalds. These broiler houses are extremely modern and innovative. The owner of this company has used the latest technology to reduce the impact on the environment and to improve production and the well-being of the animals. This modern, innovative and advanced approach has led to this company becoming... Read more +
Fortica in broiler house in North Ireland
In the middle of 2016, our Irish dealer delivered a broiler house for the Cowan family in North Ireland. This farm consists of two sheds 280 x 66 feet, each shed holds 28,500 broiler birds. The two poultry sheds are connected by store rooms. This farm is located In Carrickfergus, Bellahill road. The Fortica poultry computer controls the ventilation and lighting in the broiler house. The Fortica... Read more +
Large pig company completed in Belarus
A large pig company for 1,500 sows has recently been completed in Belarus. Hotraco Agri, along with its local partner, designed the system for ventilation, cooling, heating and dry feed control. The entire operation comprises an insemination unit, gestation barn, six farrowing sections, nine nursing sections, 16 barns for fattening pigs, a barn for boars, two breeding units and also a quarantine... Read more +
Our Bulgarian dealer Agroconsult recently established a new operation for sows in Bulgaria. The operation consists of one gestation barn for 288 sows, four farrowing sections, each with 36 places, three nursing sections, each with 900 piglets and two sections each with 87 sows. This project is equipped with the SmartFlow ventilation system from Hotraco Agri for central extraction. Measuring the... Read more +
New two-level poultry barn in Raalte
Friday 22 July was open day at the Kievitsbosch Family in Raalte to mark the new free-range poultry barn. This laying hen barn has two levels, with the lower level allowing access to the outdoors. The entire barn has space for 45,000 hens. Frilim fitted out the entire barn along with all the technical systems. Hotraco Agri developed the operating system in the barn and was present at the open day... Read more +


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