A large project in China was recently finished for 5 farms with 6 broiler houses each. Each barn houses 55,680 broiler chickens (to max 2.5 kg). The barn was designed with a cage batteries in 5 rows with 4 levels. Hotraco Agri designed switch panels with the Fortica® system to control all processes in the broiler houses from climate control, ventilation, lighting, animal weighing and feed and... Read more +
Our English dealer has automated two new broiler houses with the innovative Fortica® system. All the barn processes, including ventilation, lighting, animal weighing, feed and water registration, are controlled from a central switch panel. These processes can be adjusted quickly and easily with the Fortica system’s user-friendly touch screen. This gives poultry farmers a clear overview of their... Read more +
The official opening of two brand new broiler houses for the Boerma family was held on 21 July 2017. They are being used to house 46,000 slower-growing broiler chickens. These modern barns are provided with the latest layout and systems. Some features of the barn include daylight provision in the side facade with automatic black out curtain, pop holes in the side facade, and heat exchangers for... Read more +
Two barns for breeding laying hens in South Korea have been equipped with Hotraco automation. The well-known ORION poultry system was installed by our local dealer. Each barn, 80 metres long by 16 metres wide, houses 200,000 animals. The ORION system regulates optimal ventilation in the barn. The air inlets, fans and curtains are perfectly attuned with each other and the ORION system uses silo... Read more +
A new broiler house in Belgium has been automated with the touch screen Fortica® system. This barn, 110 by 24 metres, is located in Wallonia, just outside Charleroi. The barn houses 58,000 chicks for a period of 6 weeks. The innovative Fortica® system, which is integrated into a switch panel, gives poultry farmers total control over their barn processes. Among other things, the system provides a... Read more +
Two new laying hen barns have been built in Hereford, England. These free-range barns are 20 metres wide and 97 metres long and each barn consists of two compartments with 12,000 hens per compartment. Our English dealer PW Maines created this installation with the innovative Fortica® automation system. The touch screen Fortica® computer is integrated into a Hotraco switch panel, which gives the... Read more +
A new turkey house in Ontario, Canada has been automated with the Fortica® system. This modern farm is going to house 30,000 chicks. The chicks will stay in this house for about 5-6 weeks. With the innovative Fortica® system the owner has control over all turkey house processes, such as climate, animal weighing, feed and water. The touchscreen Fortica® is connected to the network and can be... Read more +
In the north of the Netherlands, several broiler houses have been automated with the innovative Fortica® automation system. Hotraco Agri collaborated with Frilim to develop switch panels designed to control all processes in the broiler houses, from climate control, ventilation and animal weighing to feed and water control.  Via the Fortica® touchscreen you have quick, clear insight into every... Read more +
On Tuesday, 13 June 2017, the new poultry barn was opened at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten. This brand new laying-hen barn is the barn of the future, with a focus on research and education, and will be run entirely by students. This laying-hen barn was designed according to the Beter Leven Keurmerk [Better Living Certification] 3-star guidelines, and therefore meets the... Read more +
Hotraco Agri is participating in a study at Wageningen University and Research about LED lighting in pig barns. The study is being conducted by Wageningen Livestock Research at the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC), Sterksel. This is the multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. Hotraco Agri is working on this study together with the groups DLV Consultancy,... Read more +


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