The first chickens have arrived in the new broiler house in Poland. This brand new broiler house with 66400 broilers is completely controlled by the all-in-one Fortica® system. All housing processes like climate, silo weighing, animal weighing and lighting are smoothly managed. The Fortica® is integrated in an electric control panel. It is the control centre of the house, safely protected behind... Read more +
Lamberdina's Hoeve is one of the most sustainable poultry farms in the world.  At Lamberdina's Hoeve everything revolves around the chicken. The living environment in these poultry houses is perfect in every regard, and so too are the eggs. Hotraco Agri's Fortica® system contributes to the realization of this optimal environment for the animals. Free range with large pasture The poultry farm has... Read more +
Hotraco recently delivered the controllers for cow barns in Geel, Belgium. In a milking cow barn and calf barn, ventilation and lighting are perfectly controlled and monitored. For the cattle farmer, it is tremendously important to create the right conditions for the cows. This ensures that they stay healthy and grow and perform optimally. Automating and monitoring the climate and lighting makes... Read more +
The Hooijdonk family of Huijbergen (NL) recently opened a new laying hen house. The new, modern house for 27,000 laying hens has the 1-star Beter Leven Keurmerk [Better Living Certification]. As a result of this expansion, the farm now has room for 90,000 laying hens. The house has a free range area, so the hens can go to a winter garden. The climate, feed, water and lighting are all controlled... Read more +
In Belgium, two new breeder barn installations have been completed by our Belgian dealer Ventilec. These are a brand new barn that houses 10,000 hens and 900 cocks and an older barn that has been completely renovated for a total of 21,800 animals. Both barns are completely controlled with the advanced Fortica® system.  The barn processes for climate, feed, water, weighing and lighting are... Read more +
In Spain, three new breeder houses are being built. The animals will be fed under control of the innovative Fortica® system with special hopper feeding regulation for breeders. With this control, the poultry farmer can not only ration the feed, he can also control the amount of feed and feed composition for cocks and hens separately. This makes it possible to ensure the optimum condition of the... Read more +
New calf barns were recently built in Canada, using the automation system from Hotraco Agri. The ventilation system and manure scrapers are completely controlled by the cutting-edge Thomas® system. Pushing the manure under the grates drastically reduces the NH3 level in the barn. The scrapers are run 12 times a day by a timer. This comprehensive solution maintains an optimum climate and ensures... Read more +
The user-friendly Fortica® system controls four broiler houses, with a total of 110,000 animals, at the Mekkes farm in Geesbrug, located in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. Controlling all stable processes from one reliable system is ideal, according to the broiler farmer Mekkes. The Fortica® system controls the climate, feed, water, animal weighing and lighting in all the houses. Good... Read more +
Hotraco Agri recently put a new organic laying hen house in operation in Germany. The 12,000 hens housed there all have access to outdoor free range. Despite this free range access, Hotraco's automation system maintains an optimum climate in the house. In addition to the climate, animal and feed weighing, nest control and lighting are also automated and perfectly integrated with each other.
Hotraco Agri attended the Open Days of a new Broiler Breeder Project with partner Draper Layers in the UK. This project is called Hazelsfield Farm and is located in Whimple – Devon. This new farm with 4 breeder sheds is controlled by the innovative Fortica® system. So that the 8000 birds on each house have the perfect environment to achieving a maximum number of hatching eggs and a high... Read more +


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