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Fortus Farm Management

All relevant poultry data clearly displayed on your PC

With the Fortus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, from all the houses. At a glance, you gain insight into your animals' living conditions and you, the poultry farmer, have complete control of all the house processes. The dashboard of the management program can also be set up based on your personal preferences, so you decide which data is important and which data you want to compare.

Poultry systems item 3 Farm Management copy

Compare the performance of your animals

Fortus Farm Management provides insight into the performance of your animals. Growth performance, laying percentage, feed conversion and PEF (Production Efficiency Factor) are clearly displayed. This makes it easy to compare the performance of your current flocks with that of finished flocks or flocks in other houses.

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Climate sensors generate lots of useful data and provides insight into the temperature, negative pressure, RH, CO2 and NH3 levels in the house. The Fortus Farm Management program presents all relevant data for each climate and ventilation controller graphically. This allows you to see all the settings associated with a particular controller on a single display. Adverse influences are quickly recognised and analysed by the system and so can be avoided in the future.

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Feed and water management

The management program is an ideal way to implement your feeding strategy and gives you the opportunity to achieve lower feed costs, healthier animals and better results too. Accurate feed records give you daily insight into feed consumption and feed costs. You have perfect data showing any discrepancies in feed consumption, which can serve as an indication of the animals' health. Water consumption is also monitored with perfect accuracy and any anomalies are reported straight away.

Animal weighing

Animal weight

It is important to be able to monitor your animals' growth. As well as determining the optimum sale weight, you can intervene in good time in case of weight loss or stagnation. This can give a good indication of the health of your animals. The management program provides accurate data on the average weight, uniformity and distribution among the animals as a group. In addition, the Fortus Farm Management program allows you to link animal weight to feed, water and climate data. This gives you perfect knowledge about your animals’ performance at any time of the day.

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Eggs laying percentage

Egg production

To measure the performance of your layers and breeders you require insight into the egg production. Perfect registration of the number of eggs gives you insight into the laying percentage of your hens. Hotraco Agri egg counters are extremely accurate and record the quantity of produced eggs per egg belt, per row, per tier or per house. Based on how your house is organised and the number of egg counters, management data is collected and clearly displayed via the Fortus Farm Management program on your PC. This enables you to easily compare egg production with other houses or other management data such as animal weight, climate data or feed and water consumption.

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Simple registration tool for the poultry farmer

Would you like quick insight into the effect of certain controls over a longer period in your poultry house? Then Fortus Farm Management is just what you've been looking for. It enables you to automatically register controls of your own choosing over any period of up to a month. You can register the run time of the manure belts or heat exchanger, for example. This way the competent authority also has quick insight and you can show that you're in compliance with the laws and regulations.

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Data logging

It's now possible to log data from various items in Fortus Farm Management. The log graph gives you at-a-glance insight into trends. Deviations are now quickly recognised too. You, the poultry farmer, can select which data you want to log and at what interval. It's even possible to choose logging per minute to get a good overview of the feed and water consumption throughout the day. What's more, you can now export the management data and log data as a CSV file. This allows you to easily use the data for other purposes.


Alarm centre for maximum safety

Fortus Farm Management has an alarm centre that personally alerts you in the event of acute changes in the house. The priority categories make clear whether immediate action is required or whether you can handle it during your daily rounds.


Fortica® system

Fortica® is a complete automation system that provides more efficient business operations and helps achieve better animal performance. Fortus Farm Management is part of the Fortica® automation system and ensures that you have access to important management information quickly and clearly so you can efficiently manage for improvements and respond to any abrupt changes directly and adequately.

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