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Get advanced insight into pigs growth performance

As a pig farmer, it is important for you to follow your animals’ growth. To do this, you need to be able to monitor the animals’ weight increases accurately. In case of stagnation and/or loss of weight, you can intervene in good time. To achieve this, you can use Hotraco’s electronic pig weighers for piglets or finishers. These scales are connected with our Thomas controller and the Prisma Farm Management software, allowing for optimal visibility and tracking of your animals’ performance.

Benefits of Automatic Pig Weighing

24/7 growth insights
Optimal delivery weight
Unlock the full genetic potential of your animals
Continuous weighing with advanced performance visibility
Pig weihger Thomas Prisma

Advanced insight into pigs growth performance

The pig weigher, continuously communicating with the Thomas system, monitors the animals’ weight 24/7 providing a wealth of information about growth. Data is constantly and accurately tracked while the Thomas system also links information about animal weights with the recorded feed and water intake. This data is displayed via the Prisma Farm Management software giving the pig farmer complete knowledge about the animal performance at any time of day, enabling to achieve the most out of the animals’ genetic potential and to deliver the pigs at the right weight.

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Pig weighers for finishers and piglets

Two sizes of pig weighing scale are available: the DWS-8 pig weigher scale designed for piglets and the DWS-9 pig weigher scale for finishers. The pig weighers are made of a special plastic so that plenty of light comes through, which is pleasant for the animals. The weigher can be placed in any location in the barn that allows for easy access; it can be mounted to the ground or on the wall, as long as the base surface is levelled for accurate weighing. The large openings at the front and back ensure that the pig will easily and voluntarily walk through it and that the animal does not experience any stress during weighing.