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Smart ventilation controls from Thomas®

Automatic climate control for pigs

With Thomas® automatic climate control you maintain a perfect barn climate for your pigs. Here we explain a number of smart ventilation controls and functions.

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Ventilation settings can be made per m3/animal

With Thomas® smart ventilation controls, the correct ventilation setting can be entered and displayed either in per cent or m3/animal. This is great, because it allows the ventilation volumes to be automatically adapted to the occupancy rate. And that means the best possible climate for your pigs at all times.

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Minimum and maximum ventilation based on outside temperature

With Thomas® it is possible to automatically correct the minimum and maximum ventilation based on the outside temperature. In the event of a rapid drop in outside temperature, the maximum ventilation can be limited so the area cools down less quickly. It is also possible to reduce the minimum ventilation values at an extremely low outside temperatures. As a result, your ventilation will never again run too fast when outside temperatures are too low.

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Always a comfortable floor temperature

The floor control in the Thomas® system provides optimum heating and cooling of the floors in your barn. The set temperature of the floor can be related to the current temperature in the barn. When the temperature of the barn rises, Thomas® will automatically correct the set temperature of the floor or nest. In other words, Thomas® automatic climate control helps ensure that your animals feel comfortable, even when they are lying on the solid part of the floor.

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Display of Tunnel Ventilation Speed

A handy display in the Thomas® system is the Tunnel Ventilation Speed. This shows the calculated ventilation speed as a percentage of the entered maximum ventilation speed. The wind speed in combination with the temperature and relative humidity gives an indication of the wind chill or ‘real feel’ temperature.

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Early fire alarm

A fire cannot always be prevented. But it is possible to detect a fire, even one that is just getting started! The Thomas® fire alert system works by monitoring a number of temperature sensors. If a sensor measures a temperature higher than 58 °C or the measured temperature rises by more than 5 °C within one minute, a fire notification is generated. In the Thomas® system, you can immediately see which sensors triggered the fire alarm and where the temperature rise occurred. This allows you to respond quickly and prevent a possible fire.

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