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Pressure-regulated house climate easily implemented

Ventilation based on negative pressure

The climate in pig houses is increasingly regulated based on negative pressure rather than with a measuring fan that determines how much ventilation is required in the compartment. After all, ventilation based on pressure regulation is much more accurate, which has a positive impact on the welfare of your pigs. This accurate ventilation principle is called SmartFlow and can be easily implemented in any existing pig house.

SmartFlow ventilation with central duct

With SmartFlow, the system measures the pressure differential between the compartment and the central duct. This is done with a negative pressure sensor that can be easily mounted in the central corridor. The measurements determine how much air is flowing through the compartments. The SmartFlow is not limited by minimal air speeds, which means this system is capable of more accurate ventilation, even at minimum ventilation.

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Measuring fan replaced by pressure sensors

Converting an existing house to the SmartFlow system is very easy. The measuring fan is replaced with an ADU controller and pressure sensors are added. This applies both to houses with direct ventilation and those with a central duct.

The benefits of climate control based on negative pressure

Accurate ventilation
Even with minimal ventilation
Maintenance free
Long lifespan
In all weather conditions
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Hotraco Agri participating in study on ‘LED lighting for pigs’

Hotraco Agri is participating in a study at Wageningen University and Research about LED lighting in pig barns. The study is being conducted by Wageningen Livestock Research at the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC), Sterksel. This is the multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. Hotraco Agri is working on this study together with the groups DLV Consultancy, Rofianda, Wageningen Livestock Research. The study is looking at the effect of LED light on the well-being, productivity and behaviour of pigs. Hotraco Agri is participating with the new Thomas® Automation System for pig farming. Thomas® controls the LED lighting in the barn and records the lux levels. Thomas® also controls the climate here. The CO2, NH3 and RV levels are measures and recorded. The study is fully underway, see the photos here.

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