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New possibilities for the pig market

New possibilities with the Thomas® system

Climate control is of inestimable value for a pig farmer's operational management. Hotraco Agri is introducing a new software version of the Thomas® system which has been upgraded with new climate solutions and functionalities. The Thomas® system results in a pleasant barn climate and contributes to the pigs' health.

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A new feature in the Thomas® release is the innovative ventilation solution with the Multiplexer. The Multiplexer can measure CO2 and NH3 in six rooms simultaneously from one central location and is connected to the Thomas® system. This means that the pig farmer needs less electronics in each room. In addition, the sensors are suspended in the work passageway instead of in the dirty barn air. As a result, the sensors fail less quickly and thus last longer. This reduces costs considerably.

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Comfort with an optimum floor temperature

An optimum floor temperature in the rooms is very important for the comfort of the pigs. The updated floor control in the Thomas® system provides optimum heating and cooling of the floors. This allows the pig farmer to ensure that the animals feel comfortable, even when they are lying on the solid part of the floor. A feedback mechanism for the water temperature shows the pig farmer whether the pigs need additional heat or cooling. Furthermore, this smart control makes it possible for the heat that is released in a given room to be reused in another room.

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Precise ventilation via MODbus control

The new MODbus control makes it possible to determine the valve position in the ventilation duct more precisely. This ensures that exactly the right amount of fresh air enters the room for the pigs. Based on the feedback via a Belimo motor or frequency controller, the MODbus control also ensures that action can be taken at an early stage in the event of a defect. This avoids any major adverse effects on the climate in the barn.

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Helping pigs to keep clean

A new control that has been added to the Thomas® system is ‘soaking in production’. This control allows the sprayer system in the room to be activated. By spraying the rooms on a weekly basis, for example, the pig farmer ensures that the dust in the room is deposited on the floor. The less dust in the air, the better the climate in the room. An additional advantage is that the activation of the sprayer system will cause the pigs to experience itching. They will then scrub themselves against the wall of the pens and thus help with the cleaning of the pens. The pig farmer can set the control in such a way that it sprays twice a day at the end of the round, for example, so that after the round the pens are less dirty than normal. After the round, the pens can be sprayed clean faster.

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Easier compliance with regulations on dung removal

For easier compliance with specific laws and regulations, the number of on/off times for the central timers has been increased from 10 to 24. In this way, a pig farmer can, for example, start a minimum of 12 manure scrapers a day in order to comply with regulations on dung removal.

As you can see, the new release of the Thomas® system offers a lot of new possibilities for making the work of pig farmers easier. We also offer various new features for further improving the pigs’ living environment.