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Fortus Farm Management suitable for complete poultry market

New release

A new release of the user-friendly Fortus Farm Management program was introduced in April. With Fortus Farm Management, poultry farmers can quickly and easily view, compare and improve their results. The new release contains a number of new features and possibilities that make this program suitable for the complete poultry market – from broiler and laying houses to breeder and pullet houses.

New features

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Breeder houses

A new feature in this release is that Fortus Farm Management now allows you to monitor two types of animals separately in one house. For example, poultry farmers with breeder houses can easily see the difference in animal weight or feed intake between hens and cocks. And you can now easily compare the performance of your current flocks with that of finished flocks or flocks in other houses.

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Better overview of your locations

An extra level has also been added to the Home overview of Fortus Farm Management: the Overview level. This extra level is ideal if your company oversees and manages poultry houses in multiple locations. It gives you, the manager, a complete overview of all locations and allows you to further zoom in on your poultry houses per location. The Overview level shows presentations and alarms per location so that you, as a poultry farmer or farm manager, can quickly determine which location needs your attention.

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Barn data available automatically

It is now possible to automatically export all your barn data generated via Management, Logging and Registration to a CSV file. You can set the time of day and interval, and Fortus Farm Management does the rest. We make sure the desired barn data are available on time!

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