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A new release of the user-friendly program Fortus Farm Management was presented in January. This new release is filled with new features and functionalities for you, the poultry farmer. In Fortus Farm Management it was already possible to compare flocks at house level. Among other things, you had quick, easy access to animal weight, egg production, climate, and feed and water consumption data in all the houses. With the new release it is now also possible to analyse your flocks in the house at detailed level.

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Analyse at detailed level

With this new functionality you, the poultry farmer, can compile optimal analyses yourself. You can zoom in on detailed results of measurements such as animal weight, temperature and water consumption and look for correlations in a certain period. This takes your poultry production to a higher level and enables you to leverage data to boost your profit.

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The log graph gives you at-a-glance insight into trends

It's now possible to log data from various items in Fortus Farm Management. The log graph gives you at-a-glance insight into trends. Deviations are now quickly recognised too. You, the poultry farmer, can select which data you want to log and at what interval. It's even possible to choose logging per minute to get a good overview of the feed and water consumption throughout the day. What's more, you can now export the management data and log data as a CSV file. This allows you to easily use the data for other purposes.

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Simple registration with Fortus Farm Management

Would you like quick insight into the effect of certain controls over a longer period in your poultry house? Then Fortus Farm Management is just what you've been looking for. It enables you to automatically register controls of your own choosing over any period of up to a month. You can register the run time of the manure belts or heat exchanger, for example. This way the competent authority also has quick insight and you can show that you're in compliance with the laws and regulations.


Better plan preventive maintenance

Moreover, this registration can also be used to better plan preventive maintenance, because you have more accurate data on the run time of ventilation fans for example. The registration data in Fortus Farm Management can also be easily exported as a CSV file.

Simply put, the new release of this user-friendly management program offers many new and very useful possibilities for poultry farmers.

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