New release Farm Management

New release Fortus Farm Management

New release Fortus Farm Management

A new release of the user-friendly Fortus Farm Management software will be presented on 1 July 2019. This new release is full of new features and functionalities for you as a poultry farmer. With the Fortus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, from all the houses.

Management of animal types

New management animal types have been added in the new release. In addition to the Broilers animal type, the program now also supports the management of the following animal types: Layers, Rear layers, Breeders and Rear breeders. For example, a poultry farmer with several types of animals can make his own settings for each group of animals. The flock data of the animals has also been further expanded to include the Breed and Provenance of the animal.

Egg management

Fortus Farm Management has also been expanded to include an Eggs section. The performance of layers and breeders is clearly presented here. This gives you quick insight into the number of eggs produced and the laying percentage. You can also easily compare egg production with other houses or other management data such as animal weight, climate data or feed and water consumption.

Flock comparison

A finished flocks section has also been added. This allows you to easily view and compare all management data from previous flocks. It is also possible to prepare a report for a finished flock that clearly shows the final result for Broilers and Layers. In this report, for example, you have an at-a-glance overview of the total feed and water consumption compared to the animal weight. This gives you a quick way to determine your performance and what it yielded. In addition to the report, the pen card for the flock can also be requested.

New languages and widgets

The program has also been further personalised, and ease of use has been improved with new widgets and zoom-in functions. This way, you can now quickly view the house data and performance for the last seven days and make targeted adjustments on that basis. The number of languages supported by the management program has also been significantly increased, with no fewer than 13 new languages. Fortus Farm Management is now available in 20 languages.

In summary, the new release of this user-friendly management program offers many new possibilities for poultry farmers.

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