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Automation for layers

Create the perfect environment for your laying hens

For you, as a laying hen farmer, it is of crucial importance to achieve the proper housing conditions for your hens so they perform optimally. Hotraco Agri helps you create the most optimum conditions and to register and improve your egg production. With our barn automation, you have 24/7 insight into the current situation in all your poultry houses.

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Specialist in aviary and free-range poultry houses

We have years of experience with layers in all kinds of housing systems – from cages and group housing to floor and free-range houses. Hotraco Agri is specialised in the automation of poultry houses with aviary and free-range systems. This is more complicated than for cage and group housing. In particular, ventilation, nest control and egg counting require a different approach in aviary and free-range houses. Our automation systems ensure that these processes run smoothly and optimally, too.

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Monitoring egg production

As a laying hen farmer you want to know how your laying hens are performing. This requires continuous insight into the egg production. Hotraco Agri egg counters automatically register the number of eggs in your poultry house. That way you are aware of the performance 24/7 and you always have an up-to-date laying percentage. The egg production can also serve as a good indication of the health of your animals.

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With a good climate control system in place, extreme weather conditions and sharp fluctuations in temperatures during the day and at night will have virtually no impact on your barn's climate. This ensures a pleasant and uniform living environment for your laying hens, better egg production and good health of your animals, plus a pleasant working environment.

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Feed & water

Automatic feed control reduces feed costs. With Hotraco Agri's automatic feed and water control system, you can be sure your animals are getting the right amount of feed, plus you gain insight into feed consumption and feed costs. Deviations in the water and feed intake of your laying hens are also a good indicator of the health of your animals.

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Each type of housing requires specific lighting that meets the needs of the animals. Light can be used to stimulate the activity of your layers. For example, light promotes feed intake and influences day and night rhythms, which improves animal welfare. Correct light distribution and light intensity are important in this respect. Hotraco Agri can control this for you.

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Nest control

With the free-range and aviary systems for layers, it is important that the laying hens return to the laying system on time. With our automatic nest control system you can train your animals to go to the right floor and the right nest in the system at exactly the right time. And by automatically increasing the light intensity during the laying period, you prevent out-of-nest eggs.

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Egg Flow Control

The Hotraco Egg Flow Control is unique system that saves productions costs by providing a smooth egg flow from the hen house to the packing point. With this user friendly control system, the egg flow rarely needs to stop, leading to reduce shell damage.

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Animal weighing

As a poultry farmer, it is important for you to be able to monitor your laying hens' growth closely. Hotraco Agri's animal weighing solutions show you the average weight, uniformity and distribution among the animals in the flock. This gives you a continuously up-to-date picture of how the weight development is progressing. It also provides a good indication of the health of your hens.

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Complete system for all layer houses

Hotraco Agri offers complete automation systems that regulate, control and monitor all your barn processes. These systems are suitable for all types of layer houses – from cage and group housing systems to aviary and free range.

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Optimum barn conditions
Greater animal welfare
Better egg production
Lower feed costs
Improved feed conversion
Savings on packing costs
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England1 Layer Farm in the UK

Layer Farm in the UK

Last month the Sally layer farm in the UK opened his doors. The Campus at Sally Farm will be a place of learning for degree students and apprentices. With 4 identical 16.000 bird poultry houses on each development, it will be a venue for research on a commercial scale where comparative controlled trials can be performed. All houses are equipped with the innovative Fortica® system and the new MiteAlert. Fortica® provides poultry farmers with important information about the performance of their animals, such as an insight into the laying percentage and the number of eggs. With the MiteAlert® the farm manager can get and keep track of the size and development of a red mite population in the house, and determine a treatment moment on that basis. This Farm will be a facility for the UK poultry industry, a template for modern egg production and is the future of high poultry welfare.