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All innovative ventilation concepts in a single system

By System ventilation we mean all the systems that are used to distribute (conditioned) air throughout the housing system in the layer house via the existing ventilation ducts.

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System ventilation

System ventilation has two functions. On the one hand, it supplies the animals with fresh air, and on the other, this air is used to dry out the manure better. Considering the welfare of the hens, too much air should not be blown in in the immediate vicinity of the animals, nor must it be too cold. This is regulated with the intelligent Fortica® control system. System ventilation is part of the entire ventilation concept in the poultry house, and the Fortica® system ensures that the total ventilation demand is distributed such that the system ventilation always runs at the optimum level.

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Reduced manure disposal

The majority of the manure is produced while the animals are inside the system. In order to be able to remove the manure produced by the hens from the poultry house, the housing systems are implemented with manure belts below the floor grids. For both the environment and economic reasons, it is important that this manure is dried as well as possible. To optimise this process, the ducts of the System ventilation are sited such that the air is blown across the manure belts. This has many advantages: drier manure, reduced ammonia production and emission, reduced weight of manure and so reduced manure transport costs too!

Discover the advantages for you, the poultry farmer

Drier manure
Reduced ammonia production and emission
Reduced weight of manure
Reduced manure transport costs