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New upgrade for Fortus Farm Management

Take control of your poultry data

The Fortus Farm Management program has been upgraded! This upgrade, with a number of new user-friendly functions and features for the entire poultry market, will be available from 1 April 2021. In this new version, for example, you can now also modify management data for the active flock. This applies to broilers, layers, breeders and rear breeders. A handy, much sought-after improvement!

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Entering management data via your PC

Previously, it was only possible to make changes to the data via the Fortica® system in the barn. In our upgrade we have made this more user-friendly. Now it is also possible to enter data via Fortus Farm Management, nice and easy from your PC. This program then sends the data to the Fortica® system. Entering data can be done in two ways. You can do this via the pen sheet, where you can see all categories of information for one barn listed one after the other. Or you can enter the data in the barn overview by category (e.g. feed, water, eggs etc.). This is especially handy if you want to make a change in one of the categories that applies to multiple barns.

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Registration tool with more possibilities

The registration tool allows you to automatically register and export control schemes of your own choosing. Previously it was only possible to make a printout of up to one month. We have now extended this to longer periods, for example six months or even a year. It is now also possible to register twenty separate items per minute from the analysis level.

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PDF function

The next convenient upgrade to Fortus Farm Management is the PDF functionality. You can now save Flock charts, graphs, widgets and reports as PDF files and then print them out neatly.

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Export 9 feed types

The export function for management data has been expanded with nine feed types. As a poultry farmer or farm manager, this gives you a better overview of your feed types and allows you to make feed costs more comprehensible. This information can be used to adjust the feed strategy and boost the yield.

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Laying calendar

In addition to the flock chart for broilers, the laying calendar for laying hens is now also available. The laying calendar provides a quick way to monitor the animals' performance per day and per week. With the laying calendar you can easily enter the type of eggs (nest, system or floor eggs) manually per day or per week.