Hotraco Agri launches completely new Fortica communication platform3

Hotraco Agri launches completely new Fortica® communication platform

Hotraco Agri launches completely new Fortica® communication platform

17 July

The hub of this new platform is the Fortlink®, a new, central, touchscreen control unit with a built-in communication interface. The Fortlink® provides the connection between all the Fortica® management computers present within a poultry farm, which in turn control various components for climate control, ventilation, animal weighing and feed and water control. The Fortlink® makes it possible to access real-time data from up to 50 individual Forticas. This gives the poultry farmer a complete overview of their farm operation from a central location. Any anomalies or alarms are apparent at a glance.

The complete poultry farm at a glance

The touchscreen of the Fortlink® presents a graphical overview of the entire poultry farm. Just as with a regular Fortica®, the poultry farmer can call up an overview of their company on the screen that includes thumbnails which represent the various controls. The status of the controller is also indicated, by means of a colour code: white (normal operation), orange (warning: abnormal reading) or red (alarm). The poultry farmer can also choose to personalize the screen with up to a standard maximum of seven parameters from an individual barn, such as day counter, barn number, current temperature, current air humidity, average animal weight and amount of consumed water or feed.

Hotraco Agri launches completely new Fortica communication platform1

Secure connection via PC and smartphone

The built-in communication interface functions as a separate router and establishes a secure connection via Ethernet cabling between all the Forticas in a company on one side and an external router, which provides Wi-Fi and internet access, on the other. The latter makes it possible to control and read out all the Forticas from a PC or, via the Fortica app, from a tablet or smartphone.

The Fortlink® collects data from all the connected barns, converts them to a visualization on a touchscreen display the poultry owner can configure any way they like, and passes it on to a connected PC or, via the internet, to the app. If the poultry farmer sees a possible deviation in the displayed data, they are then able to take immediate action. They can do so by changing the settings directly via the Fortica®, the app or their PC.

Hotraco Agri launches completely new Fortica communication platform2

The benefits of the Fortlink®

Secure connection; Central control; Total control over the complete poultry automation system; Clear overview; Ability to respond quickly to any abnormalities or an active alarm; Minimization of errors; Time savings; Remote control and overview via PC, smartphone or tablet.

If you would like more information about the Fortlink®, the new Fortica app or the application and installation of the new Fortica® communication system, please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager. The manual for the Fortlink® is available for dealers and installers to download via the usual channel.