Work in progress! New pig farm

A good barn climate leads to higher growth

Horst, april 16 2019

A large new modern pig farm is being built by pig farmer Gert-Jan Vullings in collaboration with the Houbensteyn Group. The farm will be housed 19.000 finishers, spread over 2 floors. The new construction is part of the New Mixed Farm in the Witveldweg agricultural development area, in the municipality of Horst aan de Maas (The Netherlands). Houbensteyn Groep builds "an innovative, world-class farm with a great deal of attention for animal welfare and the environment".


A good barn climate leads to higher growth, lower feed conversion and healthier pigs, so less use of antibiotics. The climate in this farm is automated by Hotraco Agri with the innovative Thomas® system. The ventilation system is built on the basis of the SmartFlow principle with central exhaust. With Thomas® SmartFlow, the pressure difference between the department and the central channel is measured and in this way it is determined how much air is moved in the departments. An EasyButton is located at the door to each section. The EasyButton can be used to select various phases, such as unloading, soaking, cleaning, drying and heating: Thomas® then ensures that the preset ventilation program is completed for each phase.