Lamberdinas hoeve Fortica Eco Unit 7 2

Ventilation via heat exchangers

The advantages of heat exchangers

The trend in poultry houses is more and more ventilation via heat exchangers. And there is a reason for this. The use of heat exchangers has multiple advantages:

Reduction in ammonia emission
Reduction in heating costs
Improvement barn climate
Reduction in particulates emission
Fortica system total control

The Fortica® system ensures perfect control

With the Fortica® system, the poultry farmer can control the heat exchangers perfectly, creating the optimum climate while keeping heating costs low. As time has progressed, many more new arguments have been added to encourage the use of heat exchangers.

Lamberdinas hoeve Fortica Eco Unit 7 2

Total barn ventilation with heat exchangers

Where, in the past, conventional ventilation was partly replaced by a heat exchanger at low outdoor temperatures, we now sometimes see that only heat exchangers are needed to control the entire ventilation in the poultry house. With the Fortica® system, it is also possible to regulate these houses perfectly with heat exchangers alone. Up to four heat exchangers may be activated at the same time.