New release Fortica system for poultry market

The Fortica® is now even better and more complete

The Fortica® is now even better and more complete

17 July

New features and improved graphical presentation

With the release of the new software version for the Fortica®, this innovative, full touchscreen poultry computer has become even more versatile, better and more complete. A huge amount of effort has gone into optimizing the graphical interface of the Fortica-P poultry computer and the Fortica-FWS feed weighing computer. The result is further improvement of the ease of use and control. Two important new features have also been added: fire detection and silo overview.

Fortica® fire detection

A fire cannot always be prevented. But now it is possible to detect a fire, even one that is just getting started! The new fire detection function in the Fortica® continuously monitors the temperature of the sensors. If the temperature of one or more sensors rises by more than 5 °C in a minute or exceeds 58 °C, a fire notification is automatic generated and an alarm is triggered. A total of 48 temperature sensors can be designated. This enables the poultry farmer to respond quickly and appropriately, and immediately identify where the temperature rise is occurring, which may be an indication of fire..

Fortica® silo overview

Knowing how much feed is left in the silos, and which silos, is extremely important to poultry farmers. In the Fortica-P and Fortica-FWS new display options have therefore been added to visualize the quantity of feed present in all the feed silos. With this easy-to-use display the poultry farmer sees the content of all their silos at a glance. They can also see which kind of feed each silo contains.

Clearer display curve tables

The more clearly data is displayed and the more accurately settings can be read out, the better the insight into the performance of both the system and the production. The curve tables have therefore been adapted and improved with regard to navigation and value confirmation. The graphic display has been changed, making it easier to see impact of the delta setting on the 'original' curve setting. As a result, modifying and analysing are now more intuitive and easily understood, contributing to optimum animal productivity and thus the highest possible returns.

The benefits of the Fortica® software update

Improved graphical representation; clearer presentation of data; continuous fire detection; complete feed silo overview; even easier to use and operate.

Would you like more information about the release of the Fortica® 1.4.0 software update and the improvements and new features that have been added? Please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager.

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