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Prevent heat stress among your animals with excellent climate control!

Summer approaching

Whether you keep pigs, poultry or cattle, you enjoy maximum returns from your animals when the living climate in your barns is as close to perfect as possible. With summer approaching, outdoor temperatures are also rising. This means it is now even more important for you, as a livestock farmer, to have your ventilation and cooling functioning optimally.

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Multifan Dairy Fan

Prevent heat stress

During the summer it is important that the warm outside air is cooled before it is blown into the barn. As a livestock farmer, you use your ventilation and cooling system more intensively during the summer season. Hotraco Agri helps livestock farmers take complete control of the climate control system in their barn, to prevent heat stress among the animals.

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A good barn climate really makes the difference

With a good climate control system in place, extreme weather conditions and sharp fluctuations in temperatures during the day and at night will have virtually no impact on your barn's climate. This ensures a pleasant living environment, better growth and good health for your animals, plus a pleasant working environment for you.

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Carefree summer

Hotraco Agri's automation systems perfectly balance ventilation and cooling in the barn. This is done on the basis of temperature, relative humidity and negative pressure in your barn. In establishing the right climate, we can also take into account the age and weight of your animals. And you can continue to do your daily work comfortably, despite the warm weather outside.