New Thomas Animal Weighing1

New: Thomas® Animal Weighing

New: Thomas® Animal Weighing

As a pig farmer, it is important to be able to monitor your animals' growth. A new addition to the Thomas® system is animal weighing. This links the computer to a pig weigher so animal weight can be monitored 24/7. The animal data can also be read out in the Prisma Farm Management program and, as an added feature, the system links this information to the feed and water registration. In short, Thomas® animal weighing gives pig farmers good insight into the performance of their animals at any time of the day, and this system helps them deliver the pigs at the right weight.

Pig weigher for fattening pigs and piglets

The pig weigher is available for fattening pigs and for piglets. The pig weigher is made of special plastic so that plenty of light comes through, which is pleasant for the animals. To measure the animal's weight as accurately as possible, the weighing platform contains weighing cells. The weigher can be placed anywhere in the barn and is fixed to the ground. The large openings on the front and back ensure that the pig will easily and voluntarily walk through it and that the animal does not experience any stress during weighing. The pig weigher can be connected to the Thomas® Climate computer or can be purchased as a separate stand-alone unit.

Would you like more information about Thomas® Animal Weighing and the accompanying pig weighing system? Please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager.