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Meet Hotraco at VIV Europe

Meet Hotraco at VIV Europe

You can find us at the VIV Europe Expo, from May 31 to June 2. At this World Expo, 600 international exhibitors and 25.000 visitors active in the production and processing of pig meat, poultry meat, eggs, fish, and dairy will meet up in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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Hotraco Agri presents exciting innovations at VIV Europe

At our booth, 12C100, you can learn all about our newest innovations, which will soon be available in 2022. In recent years, we have made tremendous progress with numerous solutions. For example:

  • We are presenting our exciting innovation in modern farming for the very first time. We can’t wait to show you: iHotraco Farm Data.
  • Our new Fortica-PS welfare edition for improving animal living conditions – suitable for Beter Leven.
  • Responsive egg flow control per barn with our brand new EggXact egg counter and special Fortica module.
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iHotraco Farm Data: All your farm data in one place

iHotraco Farm Data collects and organizes all farm data automatically, reliably, and securely, using the latest data sharing technology. It provides a complete data set that is centrally stored in a standardized format, easily retrievable for management dashboards. However, it goes without saying that farmers will always decide for themselves whether they share their data or not.

Want to know more about iHotraco Farm Data?

Download the brochure here
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New Fortica® animal welfare edition and Tulderhof components improve animal living conditions – suitable for Beter Leven

The new Fortica-PS edition has been optimized for animal welfare even further. If you want to meet Beter Leven standards, Hotraco Agri and Tulderhof can respectively provide you with the control systems and the components necessary. At VIV Europe we would like to tell you more about all the possibilities the Hotraco Group has in store, such as pop hole doors, daylight products, ventilation components, upgraded control system and more.

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Responsive egg flow control per barn with our brand new EggXact egg counter

Now, with Fortica’s new software addition, you are all set for the next big thing in modern egg production: Responsive Egg Flow Control. Responsive Egg Flow is an automatic egg counting and communication system where multiple egg counters (one per belt) communicate with a control system. The control system then automatically adjusts the speed per belt to ensure a continuous and smooth egg flow from the laying barn to the egg packer. The egg flow now rarely needs to stop, resulting in less shell damage, and less collection time and labor costs.


No more COVID-restrictions in the Netherlands

You can visit the Netherlands safely. All COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the Netherlands. There are no travel restrictions and QR codes and proof of vaccination are no longer required. Apart from airports, you do not have to wear a face mask anywhere.

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About VIV Europe

At VIV Europe you can meet hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from across the world, who are active in the production and processing of pig meat, poultry meat, eggs, fish, and dairy. Learn about the latest innovations and get inspired to improve your local practice.

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